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NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WILDLIFE ART, Jackson, Wyoming (website)
WYOMING MERCANTILE USA, Dubois, Wyoming (facebook)
THE COWBOY SHOP, Pinedale, Wyoming (website)
307 MERCANTILE, Pinedale, Wyoming, (website)

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About Bobbie

BobbieBobbie began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon. Her first major work (at age 7) garnered notable comments––it was a mural on one of her bedroom walls. Rendered in black crayon, it covered the entire wall, floor to ceiling. It was a complete, detailed depiction of Robinson Crusoe’s tree house and surrounding forest area, and included Crusoe, his friend Friday and various other flora and fauna.
Although beginning as a mural artist, Bobbie eventually found her niche painting quite a bit smaller. She is best known for her detailed animal and bird portraits rendered in watercolor, colored pencil, pastel, graphite, or mixed media. Along with animal portraits, Bobbie enjoys painting simple everyday treasures such as antique china, quilts, and memorabilia, as well as country and ranch nostalgia and scenes.
Bobbie has lived in Wyoming and Jackson for over 50 years and is now retired from teaching high school and has shuttered her successful graphic arts business. Her joy now is to explore the country during the summer in her camper accompanied by her two cats and to spend the winters at home painting. The most important things in her life are the Lord Jesus, her family, her friends, and making art.
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